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Apprehension (14 RAJPUT).

(a) An input was recd form reliable sources indicating presence of two UGs in gen A Longding Market MX7123 for extortion of money. It was later confirmed that after extortion from the shop keeper, they were likely to mov towards Longphong MX6811 accordingly a coln of str 01 Offr, 01 JCO and 20 OR under Maj Atin Chadha ex COB Longding alongwith 02 ALP police rep of PS Longding was launched in gen A Longding MX7123 at 1000h on 22 Nov 2011. Maj Atin Chadha divided his party into small teams and allotted them specific task and areas keeping in mind layout of the Market. A team with Maj Atin Chadha after dply stops at a suitable loc mov towards the tgt shop where UGs were supposedly carrying out extortion. To conceal their mov, Maj Atin Chadha and this team mov from the rear of the shop. One of the UG was inside threatening the shop keeper while other was outside on the look out. Said indl on seeing the SF started running into the street. Maj Atin Chadha’s team and police rep chased them and caught one of them. The other UG was apprehended by team of Nb Sub Kulbir Singh placed as stop at the outskirts of the market. Ops called off at 1030h on 22 Nov 2011. (b) Details of apprehended cadres:-(i) No 17825 L/Cpl Abo Pansa, age 19 yrs, NSCN(K) cadre, s/o Late Ganham Pansa r/o vill Longphong.(ii) No 18367 SS Pvt Thaka Wangpan, age 18 yrs, NSCN(K) cadre, s/o Late Appan Wangpan, r/o Longphong. (c) On interog they confessed the followings :-(i) Wpn handled AK – 47, M-16 and Rifles.(ii) They were an active accomplice of Capt Ganmo of NSCN(K).(iii) They have carried out large scale of extortion activities in inter Tirap dist. (d) Rec. (i) extortion note of NSCN(K) – 01.(ii) Live rds M-16 – 10.(iii) Chinese Gren – 01.(iv) Opium cloths – 125 gm.(v) Nokia Mobile phone – 02. (e) Apprehended cadre alongwith rec handed over to PS Longding at 1610h on 21 Nov 2011. (f) Spl mention. Spl mention is to be made of dynamic ldrship and initiative of IC-70120W Maj Atin Chadha, JC 480332H Nb Sub Kulbir Singh and 300084F L/Nk Satpal Singh for swift action, bravery and presence of mind that lead to apprehension two NSCN(K) cadres, Chinese Gren, live rds and extortion note.

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